Prof. Cohen is a graduate of Stanford University and U.C. Berkeley. He performed postdoctoral research at M.I.T. He founded the Cohen laboratory in July 2001.

Seth M. Cohen

Principle Investigator
Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Postdoctoral Researchers

The Cohen Laboratory is currently seeking additional postdoctoral scholars.  If interested, please contact Prof. Cohen!

Dr. Giuseppe Di Palma

Giuseppe is a graduate of the University of Birmingham (UK) and is currently a postdoc at U.C. Irvine with Prof. Joseph Patterson. He will be working on MOF chemistry. He will join the Cohen Group in February of 2023.

Dr. Hyunyong Kim

Hyunyong is a graduate of POSTECH (South Korea), where he worked on MOF chemistry with Prof. Eunsung Lee. He is working on MOF chemistry. He joined the Cohen Group in September of 2022.

Dr. Samuel Griffin

Sam is a graduate of the University of British Columbia (Canada), where he studied organometallic chemistry with Prof. Laurel Schafer. He is working on new MOF materials. He joined the Cohen Group in September of 2021.

Graduate Students

The Cohen Laboratory is currently seeking additional graduate students.  If interested, please contact Prof. Cohen!

Kyle Barcus

Kyle is a graduate of the Cal Poly SLO. He is working on MOF-polymer composites. He joined the Cohen Group in January of 2018.

Hyeonglim Seo

'Stella' is a graduate of Hanyang University (Korea). She is working on metalloenzyme inhibitors. She joined the Cohen in January of 2020.

Conor O'Herin

Conor is a graduate of the Harvard University. He is working on metalloenzyme inhibitors. He joined the Cohen in January of 2020.

Alysia Kohlbrand

Alysia is a graduate of the University of Kentucky. She is working on metalloenzyme inhibitors. She joined the Cohen in January of 2020.

Grant Domecus

Grant is a graduate of the Whitman College. He is working on MOF chemistry. He joined the Cohen in January of 2022.

Austin Wang

Austin is an undergraduate at U.C. San Diego. He joined the Cohen lab virtually in 2020, and in person in July 2021.

Mingyu Gu

Mingyu is a visiting graduate from Gyeongsang National U. (South Korea), where he is a student with Prof. Juyeong Kim. He is working on MOF materials. He joined the Cohen Group in October of 2022.

New Members

This could be you! Please email us if you are interested in joining the Cohen laboratory.

Avon Barksdale

Avon is the unofficial group mascot. He enjoys attending group meetings, but rarely asks questions. He is a good listener when experiments aren't going your way.

Mr. Spock

Mr. Spock is a graduate of Starfleet Academy. He works on various aspects of lab management and strategic advising, is a stickler for lab safety, and spends some time curiously observing illogical human behavior. He joined the Cohen Group in January of 2015, after his homeworld of Vulcan was destroyed and he needed new employment.


Visiting Scholars
Jihan Kim (KAIST, Korea) - Metal-organic Frameworks
Yuji Katayama (Asahi Kasei Corp., Japan) - Metal-organic Frameworks
Oliver Neumann (TU Berlin, Germany) - Metal-organic Frameworks
Jennifer Bartoli (U. Parma, Italy) - Metalloenzyme Inhibitors
Yuta Ohtsubu (Kyushu U., Japan) - Metal-organic Frameworks
Giulia Schukraft (EPFL, Switzerland) - Metal-organic Frameworks
Xiaoping Zhang (Nankai U., China) - Metal-organic Frameworks
Lauren Benz (U.S.D.) - Metal-organic Frameworks
Theresa Olyschlager (U. Munster, Germany) - Metal-organic Frameworks
Sonja Pullen (Uppsala U., Sweden) - Metal-organic Frameworks
Andreas Schneemann (Bochum U., Germany) - Metal-organic Frameworks
Marco Taddei (ETH Zurich, Switzerland) - Metal-organic Frameworks
Ferdinando Costantino (Università di Perugia, Italy) - Metal-organic Frameworks
Frederic Muench (ETH, Zurich, Switzerland) - Metal-organic Frameworks
Mitchell R. Malachowski (U.S.D.) - Supramolecular Chemistry
Gay Olivier-Lilley (Point Loma Nazarine) - Metalloregulatory Proteins
Postdoctoral Researchers

Sharon Lin (MIT) - Metal-organic Framework
Johannes Karges (Chemie ParisTech, France) - Metallofragment Inhibitors
R. Eric Sikma (U. Texas, Austin) - Metal-organic Frameworks
Ryan Dodson (U. Michigan) - Metal-organic Frameworks
Moritz Jackl (ETH Zurich, Switzerland) - Metalloenzyme Inhibitors
Kyle Bentz (U. Florida) - Metal-organic Frameworks and Polymers
Jin Yeong Kim (UNIST, Korea) - Metal-organic Frameworks and Polymers
Kathleen Prosser (Simon Fraser U., Canada) - Metalloenzyme Inhibitors and Metallofragments
Brian Pimentel (Georgia Tech) - Metal-organic Frameworks
Christine Morrison (Caltech) - Metalloenzyme Inhibitors
Esther Frederick (Princeton U.) - Metal-organic Frameworks
Matthias Trunk (Technical U. Berlin, Germany) - Metal-organic Frameworks
Le Wang (U.C. Riverside) - Metal-organic Frameworks
Jasung Bae (GIST, Korea) - Mixed-matrix Membranes
Thomson Yuyong Ma (Shanghai, China) - Metalloenzyme Inhibitors
Elbek Kurbanov (U. Minnesota) - Metalloenzyme Inhibitors
Zhenjie Zhang (U. South Florida) - polyMOFs
Yao Chen (U. South Florida) - Metalloenzyme Inhibitors
Teng-Hao Chen (U. Houston) - Metal-organic Frameworks
Breland Smith (U. Arizona) - Metalloenzyme Inhibitors
Yeob Lee (KAIST, Korea) - Metal-organic Frameworks
Sang Ho Lim (U.C. Davis)- Supramolecular Chemistry
Jean-Philippe Monserrat (U. de Pierre et Marie Curie, France) - Metalloenzyme Inhibitors
Min Kim (KAIST, Korea) - Metal-organic Frameworks
Chao Chen (Chinese Scholarship Council) - Metal-organic Frameworks
Matthieu Rouffet (U. Reims, France) - Metalloenzyme Inhibitors
Jody Major Jourden (Northwestern U.) - Metalloenzyme Inhibitors
Christophe Volkringer (U. Versailles) - Metal-organic Frameworks
Joseph Nguyen (U. Kansas) - Metal-organic Frameworks
Zhenqiang 'Rick' Wang (U. South Florida) - Metal-organic Frameworks
Jay R. Stork (U.C. Davis) - Supramolecular Chemistry
Yilong Yan (U. Hong Kong) - Metalloenzyme Inhibitors
Vishakha Monga (U.B.C.) - Metalloenzyme Inhibitors
Drew L. Murphy (U.S.C.) - Supramolecular Chemistry
Graduate Students

Ryjul Stokes - Metalloenzyme Inhibitors (Ph.D., November 2022)
Evan Clarke - MOF-Polymer Hybrids (M.S., June 2021)
Mark Kalaj - MOF-Polymer Hybrids (Ph.D., Apr. 2021)
Joseph M. Palomba - MOF-Polymer Hybrids (Ph.D., Feb. 2021)
Sergio Ayala, Jr. - Metal-organic Frameworks (Ph.D., June 2020)
Benjamin L. Dick - Metalloenzyme Inhibitors (Ph.D., June 2020)
Rebecca N. Adamek - Metalloenzyme Inhibitors (Ph.D., June 2020)
Allie Y. Chen - Metalloenzyme Inhibitors (Ph.D., Jan. 2020)
Jessica C. Moreton - Metal-organic Frameworks (Ph.D., Jan. 2020)
Stephanie Duggan - Metalloenzyme Inhibitors (M.S., June 2019)
Xiao Yu - Metal-organic Frameworks (Ph.D., Dec. 2018)

Cy V. Credille - Metalloenzyme Inhibitors (Ph.D., Aug. 2018)
Christian Perez - Metalloenzyme Inhibitors (Ph.D., June 2018)
Michael Denny - MOF Mixed Matrix Membranes (Ph.D., Apr. 2018)
Kevin Daniel - Metalloenzyme Inhibitors (Ph.D., Jan. 2015)
Phuong Dau - Metal-organic Frameworks (Ph.D., Dec. 2014)
Corinne Allen - Metal-organic Frameworks (Ph.D., Nov. 2014)
David Martin - Metalloenzyme Inhibitors (Ph.D., Sept. 2014)
Joshua Day - Metalloenzyme Inhibitors (M.S., Sept. 2013)
Jessica Fullagar - Metalloenzyme Inhibitors (Ph.D., July 2013)
Sergio L. Garibay - Metal-organic Frameworks (Ph.D., Nov. 2011)
Kristine K. Tanabe - Metal-organic Frameworks (Ph.D., Mar. 2011)
Arpita Agrawal - Metalloenzyme Inhibitors (Ph.D., Mar. 2011)
Jamie DeSoto - Metalloenzyme Inhibitors (M.S., Mar. 2011)
Jennifer A. Jacobsen - Metalloenzyme Inhibitors (M.S., Mar. 2010)
Emily Dugan - Metal-organic Frameworks (M.S., Mar. 2009)
Faith E. Jacobsen - Metalloenzyme Inhibitors (Ph.D., Sept. 2007)
Jana A. Lewis - Metalloenzyme Inhibitors (Ph.D., Mar. 2007)
Misha V. Golynskiy - Metalloregulatory Proteins (Ph.D., Jan. 2007)
David T. Puerta - Metalloenzyme Inhibitors (Ph.D., Jan. 2006)
Sara R. Halper - Metal-organic Frameworks (Ph.D., Jan. 2006)
Scot A. Lieser - Metalloregulatory Proteins
Talib C. Davis - Metalloregulatory Proteins

Undergraduate Students
Renee Lou (U.C. San Diego) - June 2018 - June 2019
Alexandra Jameson (U.C. San Diego) - Sept. 2016 - Sept. 2017
Peter Glatt (Mira Costa College, U.C. San Diego) - June 2015 - June 2017
Johnathan Sutterfield (U.C. San Diego) - Oct. 2012 - June 2014
Luis Polanco (U.C. San Diego) - June 2012 - Dec. 2013
Samuel Mallonee (U.C. San Diego) - Jan. 2013 - Dec. 2013
Jake Boissonnault (U.C. San Diego) - June 2011 - June 2013
Zachary Hann (U.C. San Diego) - Jan. 2012 - June 2013
Abhinav Nalluri (U.C. San Diego) - Summer 2011
Alisa Tanakit (U.C. San Diego) - June 2010 - June 2011
Matthew Cliffe (Cambridge U., U.K.) - Summer 2010
Melissa T. Miller (U.C. San Diego) - June 2008 - Oct. 2009
Marilyn R. Okamura (U.C. San Diego) - June 2007 - 2008
Van S. Thoi (U.C. San Diego) - June 2005 - 2008
Charles Holz (U.C. San Diego) - Feb. - Nov. 2007
Daniel Cordaro (Ithaca College) - Summer 2006
Loi Do (U.C. San Diego) - 2004 - 2006
Ba L. Tran (U.C. San Diego) - 2004 - 2006
Joseph Kliegman (Reed College) - Summer 2005
Alexis Kaushansky (Harvey Mudd College) - Summer 2002
Heather M. Delaney (U.C. Irvine) - Summer 2002
Carmen Velez de Jesus (U. of Puerto Rico, Rio Pedras) - Summer 2002
David Tat (U.C. San Diego) - Jan. - June 2002

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